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Trust Portal: Creating Transparency

Share your security compliance posture with your customers

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What is the Trust Portal?

Transparency is essential to building trust with your customers. Enter: the ControlMap Trust Portal.

As a dynamic webpage, it provides your customers, prospects, and vendors with a real-time view of your security compliance posture. You can demonstrate which policies and procedures you're working on, along with there status, in just a few clicks. You can build custom reports with your own logo that demonstrate your commitment to security - in mere seconds.


Demonstrate Security Posture

Quickly share your policies, procedures, documents, audit reports and more with stakeholders.


Create a Trust Report

You can easily design and create a Trust Report showcasing your real-time security posture for your customers and clients.


View Share History

View who has received a link to the Trust Portal when it expires. You can even remove access as needed. It's all under your control.

Grow in Trust

With continuous innovation and rising customer demands, maximizing time usage is pivotal for fast-growing organizations. This includes startups, SMBs, and enterprise businesses. From 2-person teams to complex MSP/MSSP organizations, our Trust Portal saves time and increases transparency on vital cybersecurity information.

Seamlessly integrate ControlMap’s Trust Portal and showcase the status of any standards, certifications, and reports—like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and many more.

Take the Initiative

Customers expect vendors to be compliant. Get in front of the rising demands and create assurance on your security protocols. Our integrations and automation will help you provide evidence of your security posture in a snap. Generate a custom page with a secure link so your customers can quickly get the right information without a hassle.

The Trust Portal blazes the time-saving trail, allowing you to skip over repetitive tasks and better support customer needs.

Want to see how it works?

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