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Continuously comply with SOC 2, ISO-27001, and other cybersecurity standards with ControlMap.

How do we automate compliance?

Connect, Collect, & Comply



Connect to and monitor compliance of 30+ systems such as Cloud systems (i.e., AWS, Azure, GCP), HR systems (i.e., ADP, Bamboo HR), Identity Management systems (i.e., Okta, One Login, Azure AD), Source control systems, etc.



Once connected, the connectors automatically start collecting evidence of user account access, privileged access, MFA configuration, assets such as databases, laptops, and compliance best practices.



Collected evidence is pre-mapped to SOC 2, ISO 27001, and/or other frameworks, providing a detailed view of gaps that need to be addressed.


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Compliance Automation Resources

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Check out these resources on SOC 2 and ISO 27001 automation. Learn more about how you can cut costs, save time and reduce audit risks.

SOC 2 blog .png

An Introduction to SOC 2 Automation

SOC 2 has become synonymous with cybersecurity compliance in many sectors. Automation accelerates the SOC 2 certification process without sacrificing accuracy, which then allows your organization to get your report more quickly.
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SOC 2 Compliance For Startups

There is a lot that goes into being successful in the startup environment, but one important aspect is always overlooked: compliance. In this blog, we unpack how startups can benefit from earning a SOC 2 report.
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how to get ahead with cybersecurity compliance (1).png

How to Get Ahead with Cybersecurity Compliance

Compliance involves following the rules of a framework established to uphold data security standards for a particular sector, region, or use case. In this blog, we unpack how to use compliance as a strategic advantage for business growth and safeguarding important client data.
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The Compliance Automation Roadmap

SOC 2, ISO-27001 and Beyond

We've seen the old way of