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SOC 2 is the most essential standard for technology and cloud computing companies. Customers are asking for it, and sales team needs it to close deals. ControlMap can help you get that SOC 2 report faster, boosting your security posture and securely growing your business.

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Quick and easy compliance

SOC 2 Automation Software

There is a lot to understand when it comes to implementing a new compliance framework, and SOC is no exception. SOC 2 has five "trust services criteria", including security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. However, SOC 2 is not a rigid list of controls, tools, and/or processes. Instead, SOC 2 cites the criteria required to maintain robust information security, allowing organizations to implement the practices and processes that suit business needs. Learn more about SOC 2.

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Becoming compliant can take time...a lot of time.

Increase your team's efficiency by completing SOC 2 in weeks instead of months with compliance automation software. With ControlMap, the end-to-end process of SOC 2 compliance is streamlined, reducing the friction and headache of navigating through endless documents. The platform seamlessly automates compliance operations with comprehensive features to help manage assets and vendors while real-time monitoring and alerting for stakeholders.

Learn more about SOC 2 automation
Reduce your work

Continuously maintain SOC 2 compliance with automation



Connect to your tools and services to establish a baseline quickly and do a gap assessment



Start collecting evidence already predefined and prebuilt into the ControlMap platform



Start remediating gaps found in the collection process and filling in the policies and procedures templates

The platform

All your work in a single platform


Controls & Evidence

Implement controls and track evidence collection centrally and automatically across your company.


Risk Management

Identify, assess, remediate all your cybersecurity risks and centrally manage your risk register


Policies & Procedures

Use audit-ready and expert-approved policy templates and easily track ownerships and approvals over time.



Create an inventory of all your vendors and perform quick and periodic risk assessments.


My Compliance Portal

Share mandatory policies, request acknowledgments, and assign compliance tasks for all your employees.



Create an inventory of your company's assets automatically by ingesting assets from connected systems.

Work with our audit partners

End to End SOC 2 audit delivered

Our SOC 2 experts will work with your team to create a personalized SOC 2 scope and identify the set of controls required to be implemented. The ControlMap onboarding team will help you connect ControlMap to your tools and services and document policies and procedures using pre-built templates.


SOC 2 audit readiness guide

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Learning resources

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SOC 2 Audit Readiness Guide

A SOC 2 examination has become the go-to standard for cybersecurity assurance. We have written this guide to help you prepare for your SOC 2 audit so you can save time on your compliance journey.
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SOC2 vs ISO27001

Learn what ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance is? What is the difference and similarity between them? Read along to know everything about it...
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Top 10 Policies for SOC 2, ISO 27001 compliance

Here is a list of the Top Ten Mandatory policies that each company should put in place when they start their SOC2, ISO 27001, or FEDRAMP journey...
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