What is Compliance Automation Software?

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Compliance automation software: it's a mouthful. But with digital information so heavily entrenched in our daily lives, organizations are . So, compliance automation software is a term that's probably on your radar. It might even be something that you're aware of your competitors adopting.

But there's nothing more annoying than trying to shop for something you don't understand clearly. Why can't these things be simple?

We think it can be. The clearer you understand compliance automation software, the more empowered you will feel to make the right decisions for your organization. Let's break it down into digestible terms.


When it comes to compliance, there's a whole raft of security frameworks that fit this description.

SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA are among the most sought-after frameworks by organizations across sectors, including infotech, e-learning, fintech, and healthcare. What you choose to follow could have to do with several factors:

  • There may be international, regional, or state requirements for compliance.
  • You're looking for a competitive edge.
  • Clients or prospects are asking/requiring it.
  • You want to reinforce your security posture and boost trust for your prospects.

Compliance occurs when you fulfill the standards of your targeted framework/frameworks.


Consider your car. If you drive a manual transmission, there is a lot of work to do on the road to keep it moving. You're changing gears based on speed. When you stop, you put the car in neutral. There is a clutch involved. It's a whole thing.

But if you drive an automatic, after turning the ignition and putting it into drive, that's it. You're cruising. All you need to do to move is to keep your foot on the gas pedal. It is much, much less work.

So let's translate this for compliance automation software.

The 'automation' in compliance automation software is much like the automatic vehicle. Instead of a manual process of gathering and managing control evidence for security framework audits, compliance automation software runs on its own. Evidence is automatically collected continuously. You are alerted to any gaps in compliance in real-time.

Much like the manual work in preparing for an audit, a manual transmission is stop-and-start. It is full of friction. Compliance automation software, much like an automatic vehicle, is a smooth and stress-free ride.



Do you enjoy spreadsheets? We don't. That's why we put all evidence management inventories into user-friendly software.

If you've achieved a SOC 2 certification without compliance automation tools, you know how archaic and painful a process it can be. It's a big, boring time suck.

Besides avoiding spreadsheets, putting everything you need to secure and maintain compliance into a web-based platform reduces the time spent. It's all in one place, which significantly decreases the chance of human error in preparation for a compliance audit.

From pre-loaded and out-of-box templates to cybersecurity risk management, your compliance automation software should centralize and expedite compliance, like a home base for all things SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and many other security frameworks.

Compliance Automation Software FAQ

It would not be nice to conclude our compliance automation tools lecture without a question period.

Who is compliance automation software for?

The cybersecurity pressure cooker situation we find ourselves in today means that more and more industries are demanding sophisticated compliance measures. Any organization that handles sensitive data or intellectual property falls under this umbrella, including:

  • Startups: Compliance automation tools decrease the friction in hitting the ground running with security safeguards that promote trust and integrity to prospective audiences.
  • Businesses: With the right platform, companies across industries can expand into new regional or industrial territories and appeal to larger customers with higher cybersecurity demands.
  • Service providers (MSPs, MSSPs): As a reseller or auditor partner with ControlMap, service providers can grow their service offering to include security compliance for their customers.

What are the benefits of compliance automation tools?

The comments we hear from our clients most often include the following:

  • The time otherwise spent monitoring and managing compliance goes back into other things (product development, business development, golf).
  • It reduces the chance of surprises (human error, missed gaps) at audit time.
  • Continuous monitoring = peace of mind (aka sleeping at night).
  • Trust and transparency for clients and prospects. It's a flex!
  • Access to more significant contracts with enterprise organizations that need higher compliance standards.

What about SOC 2 automation?

SOC 2 automation is a thing! ControlMap takes the guesswork out of the SOC 2 audit process. With compliance automation tools for SOC 2 certification, you can:

  • Manage SOC 2 controls.
  • Develop or enhance internal policies with pre-built templates. Store and edit your templates in-app, too
  • Check off the requirements for risk assessments.
  • Store evidence for upcoming audits.
  • Connect and monitor SOC 2 compliance with 30+ systems, including cloud, HR, identify management, and source control.

Want to see a real-life example of SOC 2 automation? Learn more about how Blink Identity completed its first SOC 2 report with ControlMap.

Have more questions about compliance automation software?

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