What Is a Trust Portal & Why Do You Need One?

Pallav Tandon

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If you’re a security professional, chances are these questions resonate with you:

How often has your sales team had to hustle to respond to a security questionnaire? Or, have they had to scramble to find the most up-to-date policy documents and security assessments for prospects and customers to close a deal? Are your teams responding to the same standard security questionnaire again and again? Do you find your marketing team struggling to keep the security pages on the website up to date? Are your customers and prospects getting the best and the most up-to-date view of your company's security posture?

With continuously changing environments in a fast-growing company, from startups to MSPs/MSSPs, it can be quite a time hog to keep all the information about your security posture up to date, not to mention make it accessible to all the teams. Afterall, compliance is about following programs and procedures to reduce risk and build trust with customers.

So, what is the solution to providing a snapshot of your security posture?

The answer: A dynamic, real-time, and continuously connected Trust Portal can help overcome these challenges, provide transparency into your organization's security and compliance posture, and give all teams access to up-to-date documentation…all in just a few clicks!

What is a Trust Portal?

A Trust Portal is a dynamic webpage that provides your customers and prospects with a real-time and continuous view of your security compliance posture. It's a single source of truth where your security and compliance teams host the latest security audit reports, assessment questionnaires, policies, and procedures. A trust portal makes it easy for all your prospects, customers, and internal teams to access security information quickly, without breaking a sweat.

Why a Trust Portal?

A well-built Trust Portal provides

  1. Competitive edge
  2. Accelerated sales
  3. Reduced work

Competitive Edge

A Trust Portal makes you stand out from your competition and sets you apart as a proactive, transparent, and more mature organization for security and compliance practices. It puts your prospects in the driver's seat and eliminates repeated back-and-forth requests on security documentation.

Accelerated sales

It simplifies and speeds up the process of sharing documentation with your prospects during the sales cycle. The sales team no longer has to field the same questions from different prospects.

Reduced work

Trust portal replaces static web pages and other security information with dynamic real-time content, thereby reducing the work put in by your sales and marketing teams to keep their knowledge up to date.

ControlMap's Trust Portal

Continuing its mission to make compliance simple and help our customers garner more trust, ControlMap’s Trust Portal allows you to: 

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  1. Upload compliance framework &  audit reports
  2. Add security reports, assessments, and links to the portal
  3. Showcase real-time controls
  4. Securely share the portal with prospects
  5. Create a public page for prospects to request documentation

It’s that easy! Seamlessly integrate ControlMap’s Trust Portal and showcase the status of any standards, certifications, and reports—like SOC 2, ISO-27001, and more.

Get in touch with us for a demo and start using Trust to grow your business.

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