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Vigilant Systems Uses ControlMap to Deliver “Frictionless Compliance"

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About Vigilant Systems

Vigilant Systems provides cybersecurity maturity assessments, frameworks compliance gap analysis, Information Security Management System implementation, and management services to clients all over the globe. Supporting clients for ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and many other compliance frameworks. Vigilant also provides merger and acquisition support, along with compliance support in other areas.

Peter Sternkopf, CEO of Vigilant Systems, understands the importance of compliance. Formerly a CTO and leader of software solutions teams, Sternkopf is no stranger to understanding the security landscape. When looking for a compliance solution to support his myriad of clients, his experience guided Sternkopf toward working with ControlMap.

Streamlining and Building Rapport

A compliance journey can be an overwhelming task. From the extensive red tape to high client expectations, managed service providers (MSPs) have a multitude of hurdles to surmount. Compliance-as-a-Service is a compelling offering for MSPs to get ahead of the competition, building trust with clients, and giving them confidence in their service provider’s management.

For MSPs, Vigilant Systems uses the below implementation checklist to keep things running smoothly. This includes:

  • Helping establish a culture of security compliance
  • Creating a plan of action for compliance
  • Audit-ready content that reduces friction between client and auditor
  • Sophisticated ‘reflections’ of customer wiki’s
  • Automated monitoring of cloud applications
Enter ControlMap.

The MSP Challenge

Supporting clients worldwide, spanning time zones and cultures, increases complexity for many MSPs. Coupled with risks that apply to almost any company, MSPs must also deal with different customer policies and procedures that are tangled in a web of spreadsheets and documents.

For Vigilant, a frictionless experience for clients is the key to customer, auditor, and Vigilant success.

“They [clients] have all these disparate documents,” says Sternkopf, “managing them is pretty much impossible without a tool like ControlMap”.

For Vigilant Systems, a HUGE benefit is ControlMap’s ability to create ‘reflections’ of wiki pages from Confluence or Notion. This is a vital integration, saving hours and labor.

Why ControlMap?

“Throughout my entire career in compliance, I have been trying to find the right tool that works for us as an MSP,” Sternkopf reports. “ControlMap [is] the best solution that makes us heroes with our clients!”

Sternkopf elaborates: “ControlMap provides a frictionless compliance experience for our customers and auditors. When they need to review documentation and evaluate controls effectiveness, they’re able to find what they're looking for… If it's not frictionless, they get aggravated. When they're aggravated, it doesn’t build trust. That's the number one thing… to provide your auditors with a frictionless experience that builds trust and confidence in the customer’s compliance program.”

ControlMap’s team is one of the biggest benefits, which stems from their deep commitment to provide compliance solutions that reach beyond laptops. ControlMap’s agility allows them to truly create a customized, ready-made, and easy-to-follow plan of action for companies to start building a frictionless compliance program.


Sternkopf, an admitted tech geek, is “giddy using ControlMap to manage cybersecurity requirements.” With this enthusiasm, and leveraging the ControlMap platform to provide frictionless Compliance-as-a-Service to their customers, Vigilant’s team is able to exceed their client's expectations.

Interested in learning more on how to streamline your compliance journey, reduce friction and become a hero to your customers? Schedule a call with us to get started.

“ControlMap is the best solution that makes us heroes with our clients!”
Peter Sternkopf President / CEO of Vigilant Systems

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“We believe there is an opportunity for all organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture and ControlMap helps do just that. We are excited to be working alongside them to help fulfill their vision and further secure the MSP community.”

Chris Day
Principal Investor at Top Down Ventures

ControlMap is a fantastic tool for a startup trying to navigate compliance in general but also to quickly complete SOC 2 Certification. The automation, built-in controls and policies allow you to complete your compliance requirements quickly with minimal required support.

Ravish Kamath
Chief Product Officer

“The process of setting up the compliance program is a breeze. Appreciate all the research that has gone into pre-building the programs. I wish we had this tool a few years ago when we were just starting to launch our compliance programs. We would have saved countless hours. We are feeling more confident heading into audits now.”

Head of Infospec and Compliance

“The process for Microsoft DPR certification went smoothly and we turned from that project to obtaining SOC1/2 certification afterwards. Very positive engagement and good group to work with!"

Doug H
Solutions Engineer

“ControlMap is the missing piece that helps manage all of my information security programs and link them together. As a workflow solution, it makes it easier to track tasks and manage milestones, and allows me to offer performance metrics to management to help give them confidence in our security.”

Brian H
Technical Compliance Manager