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Press Releases

Controlmap receives funding from Top Down Ventures

Press Release Published: 02/08/2022 Cybersecurity and compliance tech company ControlMap raises a seed round with Top Down Ventures.
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Best Practices

SOC 2 audit readiness guide

A SOC 2 report can help provide positive assurance to customers for many types of businesses; however, we see that companies dealing with customer data and doing business in the Cloud are the ones who most definitely need a SOC 2 Report. Most SaaS companies and software service providers fall in this category.
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Top 5 Reasons to Complete the CAIQ Right Now

Imagine this: It’s Friday afternoon after a long week. You are about ready to log off for the day (is that even possible anymore?) when you get the message: A large prospect is ready to sign a contract (or an important customer is ready to renew). They just have “a few questions” that need answering....
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SOC2 vs ISO27001

Learn what ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance is? What is the difference and similarity between them? Read along to know everything about it.
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