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ControlMap launches global partner program

New platform is available for resellers and consultants to help accelerate audit preparation

February 4th, 2021

New platform available for resellers and consultants to help accelerate audit preparation

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, February 4, 2021. ControlMap, a cybersecurity compliance company, today announced the launch of its global partner program. ControlMap’s online suite of audit readiness tools are available to its partners looking to expand and accelerate SOC 2 and ISO 27001 audit preparation and other certification services for their clients.

ControlMap is one of the first to leverage responses from one framework and automatically re-map them to another, allowing companies to reuse existing work. It proactively recommends adjacent frameworks, complete with pre-filled responses, so clients are prepared in advance when completing other audit requirements.

There are over 28 different yet overlapping cybersecurity and data privacy frameworks and protocols (SOC 2, ISO, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, SOX, HIPAA, and more). Companies will often have to prove compliance with multiple regulations, and each one could take months.

“This cross-framework mapping between different requirements is saving us up to 80% of the time it normally takes to complete an audit,” says Brian Henry, with Exterro. “We can now bid on larger projects without being bogged down by different regulations and resource consuming tasks to secure and prove certification.”

“We noticed similarities between competing standards and requirements and realized it was a major pain point holding companies back from winning new business and retaining current customers,” said CEO and Founder of ControlMap, Pallav Tandon. “We responded by providing a robust I.T. audit preparation tool that categorizes requirements and responses—drastically reducing the time and complexity associated with the certification process.”

Features and benefits of the Partner Program include competitive margins, FREE NFR access, pre-qualified leads, deal reg, a partner locator, and more.

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About ControlMap

ControlMap was founded in 2018 to simplify cybersecurity audits. Its online platform automates and streamlines the otherwise complex process, reducing the time needed to prepare and manage audits. Its software supports multiple frameworks and covers all aspects of audit readiness and compliance management.