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Blink Identity

Blink Identity completes first SOC 2 audit successfully with ControlMap

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Client Overview

Blink Identity is a privacy-focused access control system that can identify people at full walking speed in any lighting condition. Their combination of hardware and proprietary biometric facial recognition software ensures a high degree of accuracy, regardless of skin color, gender or walking speed. Users just walk past a sensor without having to stop or touch anything.

SOC 2 Use Case

Blink Identity realized they needed to become SOC 2 compliant to help them contract with larger enterprise organizations and pass due diligence requirements faster. Passing the SOC 2 audit gives them a distinct competitive edge as they can assure the current and prospect customers that they have taken all steps necessary to keep their data safe, thereby protecting them from potential data breaches.

Obtaining the SOC 2 Type 1 certification reinforces their ongoing commitment to the security, availability, and processing integrity of Blink Identity’s platform. So that their clients can feel confident that they are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance.


The ControlMap platform served as the primary solution to help manage SOC 2 controls, enhance internal policies using ControlMap’s template library, complete the required risk assessments and organize evidence for audit.

Managing through the SOC 2 process using ControlMap combined with Blink Identity’s internal and external security controls resulted in an enhanced security posture and helped them successfully achieve their goal and complete the SOC 2 Type 1 audit.

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The ControlMap platform and team helped Blink Identity with the completion of SOC 2 Type 1. Blink Identity is now positioned very well with their clients and prospects which include large corporations and government agencies that require SOC 2 compliance. With the SOC 2 Type 1 certification, Blink Identity demonstrates their commitment to the security, availability, and business integrity of its business and solutions which in turn provides their clients with the confidence that they are taking all the appropriate steps to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance.

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“We believe there is an opportunity for all organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture and ControlMap helps do just that. We are excited to be working alongside them to help fulfill their vision and further secure the MSP community.”

Chris Day
Principal Investor at Top Down Ventures

ControlMap is a fantastic tool for a startup trying to navigate compliance in general but also to quickly complete SOC 2 Certification. The automation, built-in controls and policies allow you to complete your compliance requirements quickly with minimal required support.

Ravish Kamath
Chief Product Officer

“The process of setting up the compliance program is a breeze. Appreciate all the research that has gone into pre-building the programs. I wish we had this tool a few years ago when we were just starting to launch our compliance programs. We would have saved countless hours. We are feeling more confident heading into audits now.”

Head of Infospec and Compliance

“The process for Microsoft DPR certification went smoothly and we turned from that project to obtaining SOC1/2 certification afterwards. Very positive engagement and good group to work with!"

Doug H
Solutions Engineer

“ControlMap is the missing piece that helps manage all of my information security programs and link them together. As a workflow solution, it makes it easier to track tasks and manage milestones, and allows me to offer performance metrics to management to help give them confidence in our security.”

Brian H
Technical Compliance Manager