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Share mandatory policies, request acknowledgments, and assign compliance tasks for all your employees and more to do.

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All employees in your organization can now login into ControlMap and maintain access to a personalized list of their own compliance action items and policies in the My Compliance Portal


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Many high-growth companies like Top Down, Exterro, RFPIO, and Hubb are saving hundreds of hours by using ControlMap every day to automate and monitor their SOC 2 and other cybersecurity compliances.

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Here is a brief overview of the differences between DevOps, SecOps, and DevSecOps and how they play a role in IT compliance. Read along to know about it.
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Five things to do for SOC 2 before auditors arrive

Getting ready for your SOC 2 audit? Here is a SOC 2 compliance checklist with the 5 things that you should do while getting ready for the yearly SOC 2 audit.
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5 steps to foster a culture of IT compliance

What is a culture of compliance and how to create a culture of compliance? Here are the 5 steps for building a solid culture of compliance in your company.
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