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Looking for help with HIPAA compliance? Whether it's security, privacy, breach notification, or the Final Omnibus rules, ControlMap can help you understand it all and manage it with our compliance automation software.

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What is HIPAA Compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance is adherence to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA, which covered entities and business associates must uphold to protect the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Why is HIPAA important?

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The HIPAA Act establishes minimum standards for the privacy and security of protected health information. As breaches have become more prevalent in the healthcare space, safeguarding PHI has never been more important.

Without adequate privacy and security protections, breaches are inevitable. PHI compromised in a breach can lead to identity theft and financial fraud, and without proper breach notification, patients affected by a breach may be unaware that they are at risk.



Under the Security Rule, confidential ePHI is that ePHI that may not be made available or disclosed to unauthorized persons.



Maintaining the integrity of ePHI means not altering or destroying it in an unauthorized way.



Security Rule defines Availability as the possibility of obtaining or using PHI on demand and by an authorized person. 

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HIPAA Rules: What are they?

HIPAA Security Rule

It is a set of regulations intended to protect individual's electronic health information (ePHI). In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of ePHI, the Security Rule requires Administrative, Physical, and Technical safeguards.


Privacy Rule


Security Rule


Breach Notification Rule


Omnibus Rule

Compliant with HIPAA Security Regulations

It can be overwhelming to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule because of its broadness and flexibility. The ControlMap platform simplifies HIPAA and is easy to use, expediting cybersecurity compliance and protecting data.

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