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ControlMap is on a mission to help clients, partners, and the MSP community achieve their cybersecurity compliance goals with automation.

Experience + Balance + Focus

Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience building successful technology companies, from startups to unicorns, with multiple successful exits. Team expertise is well-balanced across software development, operations, sales, marketing & cybersecurity.

Dan Fox
VP, Strategic Partnerships
Jeremy Whitmire
Account Executive
Aditya Kumar
API Developer
Nagendra Kumar
Head of Technology
Pallav Tandon
Aman Bansal
Front End Developer
Spencer Hawk
Product Support Specialist
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Paige Morford
Marketing Manager
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Angus Fraser
Senior Account Executive

Our Mission

Your customers trust you with their business-critical data. ControlMap demonstrates that trust.
Your customers know they are only as strong as their weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity: their vendors. And as a SaaS provider, you are more than just a company providing an online service. You are considered a trusted custodian of your customer’s data, responsible for guarding and protecting that data from breaches and threats.

Are you a historian or a guardian?
A risk-based approach to achieving cybersecurity compliance helps you guard against known and unknown threats. Most cybersecurity compliance solutions on the market take a “one and done” approach to compliance, mindlessly documenting a cybersecurity program with templates and archiving it once the auditor certification is complete. Documentation quickly falls out of date and does not help prepare for future threats.ControlMap is different. ControlMap was built to demonstrate trust by identifying and mitigating risks and then making the compliance program (SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, etc.) on that foundation. It’s a living, breathing cybersecurity compliance program that evolves with an eye toward the future.

Product Vision

ControlMap is a cybersecurity compliance automation platform on a mission to simplify and reduce the stress associated with the everyday operations of modern cybersecurity compliance operations.

ControlMap was built for both beginners and experienced compliance teams. Beginners can prepare for their first audit by starting with a preset workflow that guides them through the process, complete with templates for controls, policies, and procedures. Experienced compliance teams can leverage automation, such as framework crosswalks and update reminders to build on their existing foundation. Both can say goodbye to countless wasted hours during infosec audits caused by lack of audit readiness.

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